Another wolf

Joan Aiken, The Wolves of Willoughby Chase

I won’t say that this is the coolest cover ever of The Wolves of Willoughby Chase. It is very cool, though, and I like it a lot, and it makes me want to read the book.

Which I don’t ‘have to do’ as I have already read it, many covers ago. Not that it isn’t a book you could read many times. It is. It’s the first part of one of the best children’s series in the world, with the best of girl characters. (And Dido Twite isn’t even in the first book.)

So whenever there has been a revamp and I see a new Wolves cover I just want to read it again. I hope the cover has the same effect on readers who don’t know Joan Aiken’s books. I envy them the opportunity of starting their friendship with Dido and Simon.

2 responses to “Another wolf

  1. Interesting to hear your thoughts on this – I was very much in two minds about it, and asked for an even more slavering and upfront wolf to be removed! But now we have even more gorgeousness with new Folio edition –
    and finally a reprint of Whispering Mountain due from Puffin next year!

  2. More slavering and upfront wolf might be too much, I agree. This one feels menacing enough, which is what you want, as the wolves aren’t just for show.
    The Folio one looks really good. Too. But I’m always saved by the size of them, as I couldn’t accommodate anything like that.
    My Whispering Mountain is very old, so that’s good news.

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