A late Henning

Sometimes I wish I was more famous. Perhaps then I could ask to meet someone inaccessible.

Patti Smith is famous, although not someone I know enough about to admire. I am aware that lots of people my age are great fans, however. When she went to Sweden some years ago to receive a prize, she was asked if there was someone she’d like to meet.

There was. She wanted to meet Henning Mankell. And that seems to have been a good choice, as they apparently got on really well and became firm friends.

Patti was back in Sweden this summer, and even though he was ill, Henning made the effort of seeing her. And there was a photographer present, Casia Bromberg, who took this rather lovely photo of them.

Patti Smith and Henning Mankell, by Casia Bromberg

When Henning died, I came across a photo of him in my local paper, looking rather cancer-stricken, so I chose to use one of my old ones instead. But this one is so sweet, so comfortable, that I’d like to share (hoping Casia doesn’t object to a photo of a photo) it here.

3 responses to “A late Henning

  1. It’s been a crazy month, so I hadn’t heard that he had died. It’s funny, just the other day I was remembering for some random reason that his books first came to the U.S. through another publisher, with very somber jackets. It wasn’t until Vintage put them in their much more enticing covers that the books really caught on here.

  2. Oh dear. So you didn’t see this:

    Just goes to show that covers matter.

  3. I’m realizing I must have been in or headed to South Carolina at the time, where most of our attention was focused on the storms we had arrived in. There is probably a lot of other news that I’m going to be slow at catching up on from that short period.

    I’m sorry you didn’t get to do one of your full length interviews with him, but I’m glad you met him. I went back and read the story about Sofia, and I’m sure I would have cried too.

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