The Body

The box was light, and we couldn’t quite work out how it could be full of books and still weigh so little. And if it wasn’t full of books, what was in it?

‘Shall I open it for you?’ the Resident IT Consultant asked. I let him, because some people are childishly keen on opening boxes.

‘Erm, I think you should come and see this,’ he said. ‘There’s a body in the box.’

The Human Body

There was. But it was a fairly small, only a little bit dead sort of body. Think skeleton Barbie, if you possibly can.

It’s titled (yes, it’s a book…) See Inside: The Human Body, by Anna Claybourne. It’s a stand-up model of the muscular and circulatory systems, a 15 piece skeleton to build, with removable primary organs. (That last bit worries me somewhat.) With a see-through body model.

Inside the box is a small book, which will help you understand how the human body functions.

If I was going to be all Bookwitchy and awkward, I’d question whether this counts as a book. But I’m not. It’s intriguing and educational, and perhaps this skeleton will set someone off on a medical career.

Whether this is a book or a toy, it’s fun.


5 responses to “The Body

  1. V. Kathryn Evans

    My son had some of these excellent non-fiction titles – I think he had shark, dinosaur and frog! I say had, has, they’re fab!

  2. It’s funny, but I’ve actually been thinking about getting an anatomy coloring book lately, because though I have some general conception of what lies under the skin, I really have very little idea of how precisely it’s all held together.

  3. Urgh…
    By the skin?
    But it’s a very educational ambition to harbour.

  4. Sadly, it’s probably really because I’ve pulled or torn muscles I didn’t know I had recently, and it’s amazing how much injury of even the smallest kind makes you think about how much everything is tied together.

  5. I know. I keep having odd muscle problems, when I can’t move normally. Or at least not without making a lot of noise.

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