The other prize

Confusingly, there are two Astrid Lindgren literary prizes. Actually, there could be more than that. I only happen to know of two. This is about the smaller, less famous, but older Astrid Lindgren prize.

Mårten Sandén, about whom I’ve written here a few times, has just been awarded this prize, which as he puts it, means he’s now in the company of the children’s authors who inspired him to read when he was a little boy. And I think that’s quite nice.

The prize is for 50,000 kronor, which is just under £5000, and thus rather less than the ALMA, which is five million kronor. That one is a life changing kind of award, or so I imagine, whereas what Mårten has been given is more of a pat on the head, saying ‘well done,’ while also letting the winner join a select group of writers.

I reviewed one of Mårten’s recent books a few weeks ago, despite the fact that it’s not been translated into English yet. I simply felt I had to mention it anyway. And for his nameday almost exactly two years ago, I published his profile on Bookwitch. Never let it be said I don’t appreciate the best.

One response to “The other prize

  1. Yes, it´s a bit confusing with the awards. Here´s a few facts about the differences;
    Swedish publishing house Rabén&Sjögren (which publishes Astrid Lindgren’s books and where she worked as a publisher for about 30 years) instituted the Astrid Lindgren-prize as a birthday gift to her on her 60th birthday, November 14, 1967. Since then, the prize has been awarded annually to Swedish authors of great merits within children’s and young adult literature.
    The Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award (ALMA) however, was founded by the Swedish government after Astrid Lindgren’s death in 2002. The ALMA is an international award rewarding one or several laureates annually regardless of language or nationality. The laureate is selected by a jury whose decision is based on nominations for outstanding achievement from nominating bodies all over the world.

    Mårten Sandén is a really appreciated author, and we do congratulate him to the prize!

    Helene Andersson, the ALMA award office

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