The walking holiday

A working visit, really. But as I trudged once more along the road in Switzerland it struck me that it gave a whole new meaning to going on a Swiss walking holiday; your witch tramping up and down the same half mile along Lake Geneva, several times a day.

Mountain in Switzerland seen from road in Switzerland

Add to this tramping round IKEA, twice in three days. It took a while to find the shortcut between the entrance and the café, necessitating more walking. (And I know that sounds as if we did nothing but eat.) We mostly did not eat, but a witch and her accomplices do need a refuel once in a while. Which is more than can be said for the rental car. On the last day the Resident IT Consultant managed to squeeze just eight litres of diesel into the tank.

Then there was the lifting of the two million items purchased during those shopping expeditions. Out of car, into block of flats, into lift, up, out of lift, into flat. Small lift, but as the Resident IT Consultant remarked, it made a difference compared to the Scottish tenements he’s been carrying furniture in and out of during the last eight years or so.

I made tea and washed up and the Resident IT Consultant built furniture until he nearly broke. I made more tea. Then we walked down the hill to our beds. But not before placing the ‘encumbrances’ by the gate. In Switzerland you put your unwanted stuff out to be collected once a month. Very efficient. Out by seven a.m., and gone by eight.

And despite Daughter claiming she doesn’t have a lake view from her new flat, she does. In winter.


7 responses to “The walking holiday

  1. Glad to know you were a Man From U.N.C.L.E. fan as well. But then, I guess I should have known.

  2. Of course I am, Seana!! Note ‘am’ as one can’t unbecome an U.N.C.L.E. fan. The big question is, Solo or Kuryakin?

  3. Hard to say, but I think it was Kuryakin back in the day. But you’re right–with those guys,it’s always present tense.

  4. That was the correct answer. We can still be friends.

  5. I wonder if everyone liked Kuryakin best back then. But I have to say that having seen a couple of old episodes recently, I do appreciate Napoleon Solo’s savoir faire. I haven’t seen the current movie, as I can’t imagine it living up to the original.

  6. Well, no. My favourite author had/has the bad taste of preferring Solo (but she knows she was wrong and the odd one out). And yes, now he’s sort of fun, except I can’t unsee the older Robert Vaughn. (Whereas David McCallum is as lovely as he always was, even at 82.)

    I was going to boycott the new film, until Daughter requested my presence at a cinema – in Switzerland – a couple of months ago. It’s quite good, actually, and it’s not trying to be the television series, but merely an action filled fun prequel. And that works.

  7. When you are summoned in Switzerland, you must attend. I have heard good things about it, but as I think the young people in my life have already seen it, I don’t think I will have be broadminded in this particular case.

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