Sign here please

There was the case of the unsigned Christmas card on social media the other day. An author felt hurt after receiving a blank card from his/her publisher. And I vaguely recalled hearing something similar last year.

Hours later there was another author reporting an unsigned card, which definitely reminded me I’d heard him/her mentioning last year’s unsigned Christmas greeting.

The following day I heard of a third unsigned card to yet another author.

So it’s clearly not an oversight; one card being missed out in a pile of hundreds. But is it by design, or lack of thinking about it?

My attempt at finding a charitable reason was that it was a job for the temporary, and very young, intern, who simply didn’t realise the cards needed signing. I mean, young people today have probably never sent a paper card. Maybe. Or as the Resident IT Consultant said, it takes a lot of badgering to get ‘everyone’ in the office to sign, and that’s a job best not left to the shy, new intern.

It has now become fairly clear which publisher all three authors were talking about. So it’s definitely not a case of coincidence among all the cards sent by all the publishers to the people on whose work their business relies.

Christmas cards

(The cards above are for illustration purposes only, and are non-booky. And they have been very much signed.)


3 responses to “Sign here please

  1. I think there’s a point at which you may be on “a list”, but there’s no editor or publicity person there immediately looking after you. In fact, the card I received was such a delightful picture – and such a change of colour palette for the illustrator as far as I’d seen – that I didn’t mind at all, other than a wry smile. As far as sending out cards go, who’s perfect? Happy Christmas to you, Bookwitch!

  2. Am I being too much of a Scrooge?

  3. It’s a little weird, not even some kind of sticker or stamp … It’s pretty impersonal, well I think so,lol.

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