Have a heart

We’re having a blue Christmas this year. So that’s why I’ve got a few of the bluer hearts made for me by Mother-of-witch. They are a standard tree adornment in the Nordic countries, but no matter how I try, I cannot make one.

Blue and white heart

So one year, quite a long time ago, I asked Mother-of-witch if she could make me a few hearts, and she did.

Luckily they have lasted all this time, and I handle them with the utmost care.

Although, it appears that Daughter has the knack. These things often skip a generation. So maybe she can be relied upon to make replacements if they are needed. If I can only lay my hands on the right kind of paper…


3 responses to “Have a heart

  1. They do seem kind of hard to make…I like the use of blue & white instead of red & green, which gets boring!

  2. I like the red and white used in Denmark. When it comes to Christmas I often feel the need to be an honorary Dane.

  3. Hello and Merry Christmas!
    This ornament looks lovely! Here’s a link that could help you make your own Danish heart one day… http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=363100.0
    As far as I know the oldest known pleated Christmas hearts were made by Andersen. I’ve seen one of them in Hans Christian Andersen’s museum in Odense.

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