We ate a lot, and at the end of the day we opened the presents (which has the added advantage that I can now reach to switch off some of my decorative lights again).

Christmas presents

They were mainly flatpacks. Hard parcels as the Swedes say. The Resident IT Consultant had already owned up to giving only books. As if we needed any more! Admittedly, I did ask for a Margery Allingham I’d discovered we didn’t seem to own.

And I actually got a piece of furniture in one of my parcels.

Daughter got the most in number, the Resident IT Consultant seemed pleased with his slippers and chocolate marmite, and Son and Dodo will be melting cheese for fondue from now on. That is if they manage to stagger home under the weight of fondue pot and cheese packs.


One response to “Flatpacks

  1. Golly you have all obviously been very well behaved this year.A very Merry Christmas to Bookwitch and family and wishing you all a very Happy New Year.

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