Jigging snowflakes

I may have mentioned the Great Grandfather’s jigsaws before. Or not. I’ll mention them again, just in case.

He liked woodworky stuff and had a variety of exciting tools and made a number of things that we still have around the house. And he made jigsaws. With the jigsaw, I presume.

They are most devious, and to my mind almost impossible to do. But the in-law relatives enjoy them and swap them, and there can be big gatherings over the jigsaw board.

We didn’t have a big group of people this Christmas, but the Resident IT Consultant popped over to the late Grandmother’s flat to steal some jigsaw puzzles (what with me having placed the Christmas tree in front of the cupboard doors where we keep ours…) so he would have something to occupy himself with.

Below is what he left to ‘someone else’ to finish after a long session. Daughter pronounced it impossible, but still managed it after some mutterings. In one way it seems perfectly easy. I mean, you pick up one piece and try it in one spot, until you find the one that fits. And so you go on.

Jigsaw pieces

Looked at another way, what Daughter was left with was a pile of almost identical snowflake shaped pieces in off-white. Which is fine. I just don’t quite get how a group of snowflakes will fit and fill the remaining hole in this Chinese mining poster, despite the fact that I remember ‘helping’ to do this very jigsaw some thirty years ago. Possibly I just stood on the sidelines and cheered.

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  1. Enjoyed this post. Thanks for sharing.

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