A Scottish Year

My own first Scottish year is almost complete. The weather is a little on the wild side at the moment, but I’m trusting we will get safely to the end, and out the other side into 2016.

Tania McCartney and Tina Snerling, A Scottish Year

A Scottish Year, twelve months in the life of Scotland’s kids, by Tania McCartney and Tina Snerling, is as the title suggests not entirely a Scottish production. I had hoped for a more specifically Scottish book, with interesting facts about children in my local area. It seems that this is part of a wider series of ‘kids’ years’ and it shows.

Their Scottish advisors, and the local school children who helped, are very local to me, and I’m sure they gave all he right answers. I’m less convinced that the questions were the right ones.

But anyway, it’s a nice enough book, and the children featured are nicely pc, comprising three girls and two boys; one with red hair, one white immigrant and one Pakistani.

They trail through the calendar, telling the reader about typical things that happen in a year, which includes both the same stuff that nearly everyone knows about, or does, as well as typically Scottish things. So you might eat pieces, or curry. There’s haggis and blaeberries and loud bagpipes.

You have shinty, unicorns (apparently) and caber tossing. Lots of tartan. Castles.


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