Resolution time

There was some more coverage in the press a few weeks ago on paying – or not – authors for appearing at book festivals. How about if we start 2016 with the intention of paying authors who come all the way to your little corner of the world to stand up in front of fans and speak?

It’s been said before, and I suspect even I might have said something, but how come theatres don’t expect their actors to appear on stage for free? The exposure could be good. Maybe another theatre would notice them and ask them to come and act on their stage for free as well.

I saw in the Independent that Hay has more visitors than the other festivals, and they are one of the ‘let’s give them some wine’ persuasion. And the thing is, the wine, and the handling of it, can’t be totally free either. So why not hand over cash instead? If there isn’t enough money already to cover this dreadful expense; how about charging slightly more for tickets to the events? After all, by the time you get to Hay, you have spent or will spend a fair sum on travelling, eating and possibly sleeping.

Let’s surprise ourselves, and the lovely authors of the books we enjoy so much, by treating them like plumbers.

4 responses to “Resolution time

  1. Hear! Hear!

  2. Brilliant! The last line of this made me giggle snort and loose my wine through my nose!

    The wine was not provided by a writers festival, because I, like authors, am able to buy my own wine if I want some grape juice!

  3. You should never drink or eat when reading Bookwitch. I can be so amusing that your laptop or phone or whatever is likely to suffer damage when you can’t control your orifices.
    Although, I suppose you could call the plumber.

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