The Arabian Nights

When I was quite young, I read what sounded to me like a boring story collection; Tusen och en Natt (i.e. The Book of a Thousand Nights and One Night). I soon discovered I was wrong, and that it made for fascinating reading. I was under the impression it was a children’s book, and so is – I think – this version of The Arabian Nights by Robert Leeson.

The reason I’m giving it some thought is the fact that deep down it’s quite adult, content wise, isn’t it? It’s about sex and marriage and killing people on a whim. But I believe I knew this back then and thought it perfectly acceptable, so perhaps it is adults who find the concept too grown-up.

Robert Leeson and Christina Balit, The Arabian Nights

Robert’s re-telling of this classic is another gorgeous volume illustrated by Christina Balit, telling new readers about Shahrazad who tricks the King into letting her stay alive for three years, as she tells him story after enticing, exciting, story. (And, it seems, there were a few babies made as well.)

So, not terribly boring at all. And this particular book has far prettier pictures than the one I read all those years ago.


2 responses to “The Arabian Nights

  1. My favourite Arabian Nights story is Abu Hassan’s Fart, but I bet that’s not in there…

  2. I don’t remember a fart. Will have to go back and check.

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