Travelling books

Is one book as good as another? Interchangeable, just like that?

I was surprised to find the answer to an online query from a Swede in the UK whether there’s anywhere they could order books from, which wouldn’t be quite as expensive as the standard online Swedish bookshops he’d used so far. My feeling is that you have to be ‘grateful’ they will send anything abroad at all.

Swedish companies have been pretty slow to embrace this internet thing and credit cards from foreign lands, and all that. You can’t really trust outsiders.

Anyway, the reply suggested that he could look in the local (Swedish owned) bars to see what they had in the way of books. That’s all very well if you are desperate for just one book to read in your own dear language. But anyone who is buying books online might have specific needs and wishes. Just not to pay a fortune for the pleasure.

Fortune (albeit a minor one) is what Daughter paid to shift her books to that abroad last week. For some reason she also wants to have certain, specific books to aid her in her current task, and being academice ones, they cost enough the first time round. Hence her willingness to pay for them to travel once more.

Travelling boxes

They have arrived, too, however damp they might look. And in a mere six days. On that internet thing, you can track your darlings, so we knew the boxes reached Dortmund in two days. Which isn’t bad. And they sat in the delivery vehicle by 05.45 yesterday morning, which could be why they are trying to dry out next to the radiator. Brrr.

And her credit card provider found the whole business so suspicious that they declined payment and then blocked her account. Yes, why would anyone try to pay a worldwide shipping company?


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