More More of Me

Do you recall More of Me, which I reviewed the other day? Good.

Well, not only does Kathryn Evans have two launches planned for her first book (one of which is tonight), but there appears to have been an explosion of other ‘covers’ of More of Me on social media.

So, a lot of people are being featured on a More of Me *cover, and below is my version. It’s not often I am a book cover – although I have to admit I actually do see myself as your archetypal cover girl – so must make the most of it.

More of Bookwitch

And I suppose that there being lots of More of Me covers fits in with the topic of the novel; lots of copies of the same thing. Almost the same, but not quite. And therefore a little bit creepy.

(Link to Ellen Renner’s blog about her friend Kathryn.)

* Usborne design by Hannah Cobley.


2 responses to “More More of Me

  1. V. Kathryn Evans

    You are all MARVELLOUS!!!!!!

  2. I hear the London launch was so packed there wasn’t even room for misbehaving (good thing I didn’t go). AND the book sold out.

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