Kipper’s Visitor

For World Book Day I was sent a darling little goose – well, gosling – who says ‘honk’ a lot.

Mick Inkpen, Kipper's Visitor

I’ve not previously come into close contact with picture book WBD offerings, and this was a delight. Soft and compact, it’s a picture book you could travel with, and one that will fit nicely in the hands of the tiniest reader.

Kipper finds this gosling, that has come out of nowhere and which only says ‘honk’ to everything Kipper asks it.

It honks at the – plastic – duck in the bath. The duck doesn’t reply. Kipper gives his visitor a bath and a blow dry.

And then the gosling meets Big Owl, who is very soft.

I love it.


2 responses to “Kipper’s Visitor

  1. The Kipper stories are so gentle and lovely – our kids adored them. The birthday party one is a favourite and the snow one. There is also an animated version with Martin Clune’s voicing Kipper.

  2. I felt a particular affinity with this honking bird, because of

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