When they need to, ducks can find both the letter A and a home to call home.

In Kes Gray’s and Jim Field’s Quick Quack Quentin it’s all about the alphabet and how letters, especially vowels, work. Well, mostly. It’s also about a determined duck called Quentin who’s lost his A. His quack is quick because it lacks an A. He merely manages to say quck.

And that’s not good.

Kes Gray and Jim Field, Quick Quack Quentin

The doctor can’t help, nor can the animals at the farm, despite wishing to be helpful. They need their A and the other vowels don’t work so well. But you know, at the zoo there is an animal with a definite A surplus. See if you can work out who.

Michael Foreman makes the most wonderful of picture books! In Tufty he tells the story of the little duck who gets lost but who finds love. Just the sort of thing we like. And need.

Tufty leads a right royal life with his parents and siblings. But he’s a little slow, and when winter comes he can’t keep up on the flight south. Tufty needs to find somewhere safe to land, a place to stay.

Michael Foreman, Tufty

This story shows how a small refugee can hit jackpot and find somewhere to make a life for himself. Heartwarming, and with the gorgeous illustrations you come to expect from Michael.

A. Home. Success for both of today’s ducks.

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