Too Many Carrots

You don’t have to love carrots to like this book, unlike its main character Rabbit who loves carrots. He loves them so much that it becomes a serious problem. (No risk of that happening to me.)

Katy Hudson, Too Many Carrots

Katy Hudson’s Too Many Carrots is lovely. It’s also full of carrots. So is Rabbit’s home, the hole in the ground where he lives. Or tries to live. Because his love of carrots makes him collect them, rather than just eat them, as is common among carrot-lovers.

And one day there is no Rabbit-space left in his carrot-collection. Nowhere to sleep. He tries moving in with various of his friends, with disastrous results, since he takes the carrots with him.

There is only one thing for it…

Very sweet – and orange – little story.


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