300 and counting

It was quite satisfying to stray from the books on Tuesday. I think I’ll do it again.

After all, it’s not every week that not only has your favourite singer turn 80, but your favourite television show clocks up 300 episodes. In other words, I have watched NCIS since well before I became your favourite Bookwitch. And as with Roger Whittaker, I blogged about my love in the Guardian. That time it was because I got furious over the offhand way their television reviewer mentioned the start of, I think, the 4th season. No one seemed to watch it, and it was OK to mock.

Palmer, Gibbs and Vance

Now, NCIS is the most watched show in America. Last week the 300th episode aired, and it was a good one. They were a bit shaky last year, but that’s how it is with ‘family’ and you love them for better and for worse. We’ve had a very good run recently and I’m thinking the show could survive the planned departure of of one of the original characters. Just don’t kill him!

Abby and Ducky

(I wouldn’t read too much into the fact that both photos – © CBS – are from Autopsy…)

2 responses to “300 and counting

  1. For a short time I followed an agent’s smart but rather snarky blog about writing. Her side theme, which went totally against her hard exterior was her incessant scheming to find a way to meet and presumably marry Mark Harmon. I probably shouldn’t say that my mother loved both NCIS and Roger Whittaker, but she was a discriminating lady, so you are in good company.

  2. I knew you must come from a good background! Very sensible mother. Wish I’d known her.
    This agent; was she contemplating bigamy or killing Pam Dawber? I reckon she’d also have a lot of competition if she ever got close. I like Gibbs better than I like Mark. Not that I know either of them, of course…

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