The Hole Story

My Grandfather used to ask me to send him the holes in the cheese I liked to eat. He thought he was funny. So did I. I believe Mother-of-witch helped me post some cheesy holes every now and then. I obviously couldn’t spare the whole cheese, but you don’t miss a few holes.

Paul Bright and Bruce Ingman, The Hole Story

This book by Paul Bright, with illustrations by Bruce Ingman, has holes in the front cover. (The better to grip it, perhaps?) It also features some holey Swiss cheese, where the holes were at a bit of loss after the cheese got eaten and they no longer had a home, so they go looking for a new one.

But holes are not always welcome (they should have tried my Grandfather), as the King didn’t appreciate a hole in his sock, nor did the Queen want a hole in her knickers. Nowhere seemed to be good for holes.

Except, holes can be quite useful in the right place, and eventually our two holes did find somewhere to live. Somewhere where a hole is A Good Thing.


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