2016 ALMA for Meg Rosoff!!!

Meg Rosoff

Yes! Meg Rosoff has been awarded the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award 2016! At last, the best prize, for the best author!

The witchy premonitions had been there for weeks, except I wasn’t heeding them. I had sort of given up on the ALMA, and was only half-heartedly intending to watch the announcement live on the ALMA website. I didn’t forget it though, and I had planned to blog about it today, come what may.

Meg Rosoff won. Did I tell you?

And then the live countdown was less live than I wanted it to be. It merged my time in the UK with that of Europe, promising me the news one hour after it had been announced. I grumpily remembered that this happened last year as well. Not impressed.

Meg won!!!

I began googling other possible sites where I could get the news. Found nothing. A few minutes after noon the ALMA website had a photo of Meg up, while still counting down for the next hour…

Meg Rosoff - ALMA

But it made me a little excited so I googled anew and found a Swedish radio station to listen to, and was in time to hear Meg’s Swedish publisher sound rather happy and then there was an interview with Julia Eccleshare.

Have I mentioned yet that my favourite author has won the ALMA?

I had – also grumpily – decided that if they were going to be this awkward then I wasn’t even going to bother blogging about the award.

But when it turned out they’d had the good taste to pick Meg I just happened to change my mind again. As you can tell.

At this rate I might not even complain. Actually, of course I will. At least mention it. Maybe.

But those premonitions? I hear you ask. Yes. When we had dinner a couple of weeks ago Meg and I returned to the topic of the Gothenburg Book Fair, and I said things. Possibly hastily.

Because now Meg has been awarded the Astrid Lindgren prize! Had you heard?

Over the weekend I was clearing out my filing cabinet and found all sorts of stuff, which immediately sent me back not just to Gothenburg and Philip Pullman (2005!), but Lund and Sonya Hartnett, and a variety of other old memories, all tied up with Gothenburg and the ALMA and everything.

An ALMA for Meg Rosoff!!!!!

Er, yes, you may have worked out I’m a little excited. But honestly, if Son could have his favourite win eleven years ago, it’s not too much to ask that I have a go as well, is it?

Could I be happier if I’d won it myself? Probably not. It’d be tough spending all that money.

Meg Rosoff


8 responses to “2016 ALMA for Meg Rosoff!!!

  1. I am so happy for you both. So far I’ve only read one of Meg’s books, but as it was The Way I Live Now, of course I am a fan on that basis alone.

  2. Congratulations to you … er, to Meg!

  3. Penny Dolan

    Yes, lovely news! Enjoy your joy, as I’m sure Meg is doing too!

  4. This is great! I thought if you as soon as I heard. I guess because it seems I “met” the two of you at the same time.

  5. I tend to think of you too, as someone with very sensible tastes!

  6. Does this mean I actually get to go to Gothenburg, at LAST? I’m going to ask the king of Sweden if I meet him. And you obviously have to come to, Ann. To translate.
    P.s. did you really have a premonition? If you’d asked me, I’d have guessed I was around 78th in line.

  7. The King knows nothing. I believe it will be Crown Princess Victoria (Philip Pullman liked her!), and that is good. She won’t know about Gothenburg, though. (I mean I obviously don’t know for certain, but they generally seem to want their prize winners around.) You have several months to perfect your Swedish. But I could still come, if only to take bad photos.

    77th in line. But yes, the premonitions were there. If only I’d stopped to think about what I was feeling/thinking.

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