At home with

Anthony Horowitz. Don’t get all excited. I’ve not spoken to the man, nor been to his house, other than through a magazine article.

Anthony Horowitz's house

This was just another find when I pruned the pink filing cabinet (in fact, it’s my only filing cabinet) a few days ago. Back in the day when I read lots of house magazines, I just happened to see this, so it’s not as if I bought the magazine to spy on Anthony.

Anyway, if he puts his home in an interior decorating magazine, he deserves to have me lurk. The reason I actually pulled out and kept the article was a) he was a children’s author, and b) I liked the look of his house.

Anthony Horowitz's house

But after so many years (I’m guessing close to ten) I feel I can live without these cuttings, so out they go. I’d link to the article if it was possible, but all you get is an offer to subscribe…

With my luck he’s probably moved at least twice since, but never mind. This is how a successful children’s author and television screenwriter lives.

My own tastes have since moved on. And I’d never put an author’s home on here if I’d only happened to visit. It has to be official. Although I did once entertain the idea of The Kitchens of Children’s Authors as a lucrative series. Alternately, Soup With an Author.

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