All Aboard for the Bobo Road

It took me a little while to realise that this extremely colourful picture book featuring a bus trip somewhere in Africa, is actually a counting book. I am a bit slow, and was so mesmerised by the colours that I missed the counting of items that entered the bus.

Stephen Davies and Christopher Corr, All Aboard For the Bobo Road

As is always the case with Stephen Davies and his picture books we are back in Africa, learning something of what people do in a particular area (I’m not sure exactly where).

Big Ali drives the bus from Banfora bus station to Bobo Road. His children Fatima and Galo are there too, sitting on the roof, helping load everything. The ‘wheels on the minibus go round’ and the children ride on the roof where the air feels fresher.

You see so much from the bus, and if my assumption that this is somewhere real is correct, then we see many interesting looking places. As well as the four cans of cooking oil and the five sacks of rice and…

On arrival everything has to be unloaded and counted again.

I like a place where the bus driver wears a lime green shirt and pink trousers!

(Christopher Corr is responsible for all the colour.)

One response to “All Aboard for the Bobo Road

  1. Carlo e Grazia Incamminato

    Please have you an Italian or French version?

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