Caledonian calendar coincidence

In the hope that we as a family will at least sometimes know what the others are doing or planning, we have a shared online calendar. I was reluctant to begin using it, but am slowly getting better.

Putting Daughter’s recent flight times in, it appeared that she’d be flying out at almost the same time as her brother and Dodo, until I saw that the airports weren’t the same. Anyway, airborne simultaneously.

Then I went to put my own dates in for this week, and discovered that on the date next to my entry for the Caledonian sleeper back to Scotland, was Son’s (and Dodo’s) sleeper back to Scotland. Very narrow escape! Just think what it would have been like for them to discover that the old witch was available to cramp their style.

As I burrowed down for a second short sleep after breakfast (my train was running late) I pondered the softness of the mattress, and wondered how I could have forgotten this.

Now that we are all back, I have an explanation as to why my night was better than expected. Seems they have new mattresses, and new pillows (2 per bed), and they are actually comfy. Might even try this again.

As for the calendar, I found the Resident IT Consultant had beaten me to it. Wednesday morning we have ‘arch’ at ten o’clock. Not what I’d have said, but it works.

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