There’s always one

Bathroom visit in the early hours, a few weeks ago. Barely awake, I noticed an annoying beeping sound. I thought about it. ‘Hmm, it’s rather like when smoke detectors try to tell you they are hungry,’ I said to myself. ‘If we had one.’ It seemed odd that I could hear the neighbours’ one.

Exiting the bathroom, I discovered we did indeed have a smoke detector. And it went beep once a minute. I felt I couldn’t demand the Resident IT Consultant should pop out of bed to deal with it, so I tried to sleep a bit more despite the noise. Wasn’t easy, but I managed some. Woke up to find the beeping had stopped. Still informed the Resident IT Consultant about it (he’d heard nothing…) but I could tell he didn’t believe me.

What’s more, he wasn’t going to change the battery, because the smoke detectors are wired in. I suddenly remembered finding this out once before (when it had actually rung and scared the living daylights out of Daughter and me) and how stupid it all seemed. And then I had forgotten.

I was travelling to London the next morning, so wanted an early night, and contrary to other such well-intentioned evenings, I was ready to hop into bed at nine. ‘Beep!’

It was on again. Obviously having rested all day long it felt nice and fresh. This time the Resident IT Consultant couldn’t deny hearing it. Hah!

How was I going to sleep? He thought about it, googled how to do it, and then proposed climbing up there and removing it live, as it was too dark to see anything if he removed the lighting circuit fuse [to which it is wired] first. I thought about this and then said I wouldn’t allow it. After all, he was supposed to drive me to the airport the following morning and it’d be so inconvenient if he eloctrocuted himself just then. And I’m a bit fond of him, too.

After more thinking he decided to go ahead anyway. The dratted thing came off reasonably well, while obviously still beeping as it had a back-up battery. The Resident IT Consultant pulled the battery out and put it and the smoke detector side by side, rather like a chopped off limb.

‘Now you’ll stay quiet,’ he told it.


Yeah, you couldn’t make it up. There was a back-up back-up battery. ‘I’ll put it in the conservatory,’ I said. We could still hear it. I went out in my pyjamas and stuffed it in the garage instead, where it beeped away during the night.

But at least sleep was once again possible and the Resident IT Consultant was still alive and I made it to the airport, the London Book Fair, Terry Pratchett’s memorial and all that.

We now have a replacement pair of alarms, which [touch wood] shouldn’t be quite so hard to disable in the middle of the night.



9 responses to “There’s always one

  1. seana2014s

    This is reminding of the last place I lived in. There was an alarm out in the hall which was up on a twelve foot high ceiling. Once it started beeping, it would go on for days. Once I managed to get up high enough to barely touch it, but as I recall it turned out not to be something you could disable by removing a battery. I don’t actually remember how it was all resolved. Possibly it never was. It was that kind of place.

    • I just don’t want to be the responsible owner of that kind of place. Nor would I let someone like me rent it. Useless, both of me’s.

  2. A back up backup battery! You should be absolutely safe then! If sleepless.

  3. Seems we weren’t all that original.

    But then I suppose everything in life has been on Friends at some time.

  4. seana2014s

    I hadn’t seen that one. That was hilarious and yet exactly like real life.

    • Just as she whacked the thing with the hammer, I was about to shout to her to dunk it in a bucket of water.
      She looks better in pyjamas than I do.

  5. She looks better than most of the world in pajamas, so don’t let it bother you.

  6. HA! Reminds me of my friends fire alarm at her apartment. We unscrewed the darn thing only to find out that it was still picking and it alerted the leasing office that it had been unplugged,lol.

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