Letter to a fan

Or more accurately, postcard to a fan. Postcard to an old witch, in fact, who although a fan, wasn’t expecting this.

It is very nice, and kind, and generous, when an author writes back to a fan. There obviously comes a point – for some – when they just can’t, but they want to and they do. Sort of.

I haven’t written any fan letters (ever, I think) to Eoin Colfer. Not that he doesn’t deserve them, because he does. But a witch needs to keep herself in check and not overdo things.

Eoin postcard

But there clearly was a time when I needed to communicate with Eoin, and I really don’t remember what it was about, and I didn’t have a good way of doing so. Maybe I wrote via the publisher? I’m not sure. It tends to work surprisingly well. You suspect your missive will disappear into that vast black hole that is the publishing house, but I think I’ve managed to hit the spot every time.

So too, with Eoin. I don’t know how it’s done. I assume he has someone who opens letters and then sends out the ‘personalised’ pre-written response, that can be so generally worded that it fits almost any fan.

Eoin postcard

Except when the writer was a witch on business. But it was nice enough to receive a postcard, and I like seeing what the fans of Eoin do get sent.

I’m pleased he feels my writing shows promise. One lives in hope.


One response to “Letter to a fan

  1. seana2014s

    Super cool.

    Signed, a Fan

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