The Secret Room

I know this is a luxury ‘problem,’ but the other week I discovered that Bookwitch Towers is a five bedroom house. And I feel slightly idiotic not have realised this before. Although, you could also ask why the estate agents didn’t advertise it as such. Surely the cupboard under the stairs really meant that the Dursley’s house had one more bedroom than they thought?

Our secret room isn’t quite a cupboard. It’s small (like the rest of the house), and a silly shape, but you could easily put a bed in it, and a desk or a reading chair.

Or you could, had someone not put lots of ‘junk’ in there first. And that was the trouble with the previous owners as well. They used it to store coats in, and the occasional granny.

But having emptied out all our boxroom contents to redecorate the room, I looked and saw another bedroom. And it was quite nice! Both the discovery, and the room (after it was painted).

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a freshly decorated room to re-fill with junk.


2 responses to “The Secret Room

  1. Wow. I have dreams like this. I am going to have look around here and see if I’m missing something.

  2. Do. You just never know.

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