How We Live Now

Just in Case.

Bob willing, this is what the Resident IT Consultant and I will be occupying ourselves with. (Although I must point out he is ‘only’ along for the ride because he found out I was intending to travel by train and he wanted to do that too.)

ALMA invite

Picture Me There. I am no longer What I Was, thanks to my fairy Blogmother. There will probably be no dogs, unleashed or otherwise.

And this is only a temporary Bookwitch’s Farewell. Until tomorrow.


5 responses to “How We Live Now

  1. Smashing picture!

    And congratulations on getting to be there.

  2. Kicki Eriksson-Lee

    Vad fantastiskt roligt att få våra med på det här evenemanget I vår vackra huvudstad!

  3. Karin Westeman

    Bäckängskompis! Helt klart att du skulle vara där.
    Vackert där.
    Hälsningar från Sveriges andra sida (framsidan)
    Bäckängs- Karin

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