I held my breath yesterday morning.

Well, actually, I tidied up after the day before and ran the dishwasher and put the leftovers in the freezer. But it amounts to much the same thing.

Daughter was the first to leave the party on Monday, as she was already 24 hours late getting to her conference. Luckily the plane ran to time, or the Resident IT Consultant would have had to drive through the night to get her to Uppsala for the next morning, when someone had booked her to actually give a talk.

She was a bit surprised by this. I don’t know what I was, because I don’t know about all these stars and spots, that are either hot or cool. And something is eating them (which frankly sounds like the beginning of a horror sci-fi novel). According to her professor it’s a bit like discovering a long lost, or previously unknown, Pink Floyd album. This means little to me, but sort of places him in a certain age bracket.

#CS19 is where you want to go to find out about cool stars. It’s more than my life is worth to post a photo on here.


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