Just over 50%

I’m on book five of eight. That’s pretty good going for holiday reading. I always pack too many, but better that than not enough. Although, there are books here too, that could be used in an emergency.

And considering I packed with a view to reading on the train all the way to Stockholm (but was far too sleepy to), and all the way back as well (forget why I didn’t, but I didn’t, apart from the last half hour when there was trouble on the track and I could foresee an endless evening waiting), that’s not bad.

Especially considering I had a party to prepare and survive and lots of visitors (very lovely, but not conducive to me reading for pleasure), I’m surprised that two thirds of the time I am over halfway through the hopeful holiday pile.

I have cheated too, by reading too many house magazines, of which there are many marvellous ones in the shops and a witch can’t really be expected to walk past them and not buy. It’s educational. With Monday breakfast I learned the Danish for korsvirkeshus [bindningsverkshus], and now I just need a better word in English than mock Tudor, as they predate Tudor. But you know, those dark wood criss-crossy beams you get in old houses. The reason I learned this was that the journalist in question didn’t stop to think what it might be in her own language, so plunged ahead and used the Danish.

But, as I was saying, I’m on book five. Depending on how things go, two more should be doable. I always cherrypick when travelling, and I’ve conveniently forgotten what I left behind at Bookwitch Towers, not to mention what might be waiting there when I return.



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