They do it differently in Iceland.

They have presidential elections next week. On Saturday, I think. And politicians are not reckoned to stand much of a chance against ‘normal’ people. Also, a president should be intelligent. People want to respect him or her. Yes.

OK, so the Icelandic president is more of a figurehead, and who or what they are might matter less. But it’s fascinating to see that they can do things this way.

In an article for Vi magazine they interviewed several authors, and maybe a librarian or two, who were all wanting to stand. Authors are highly thought of in Iceland. People read. A lot.

Michael Rosen

It’s an interesting thought. Living in countries with a monarch and a prime minister, it’s not entirely obvious how to imagine this scenario, but it has merits I feel. Michael Rosen* for Queen? Or send him straight to Downing St?

(*Insert author of choice. Although preferably not Martin Amis.)


5 responses to “Elections

  1. Kathryn Evans

    Anne Rooney. Nicola Morgan.Goodness, so many! Philip Ardagh. Tanya Landman. SO MANY

  2. President Ardagh, so he can tower over us all.
    Or Nicola and Tanya could jobshare and no one would notice who was on duty.

  3. Just don’t put me in charge of anything, OK?

  4. a president should be intelligent
    keyword: should.
    I am not much one for politics, but it is nice to see something like this instead of the craziness we have been seeing on like facebook newsfeeds and google links and whatnot. Keep up the great work. I love your blog!

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