Binny Bewitched

Never was a Hilary McKay book so needed as this week. Her magic worked well, considering my state of mind, and I feel much better for having read Binny Bewitched, the third book about Binny and her lovely family. And I’m honoured that Hilary put a witch in there.

Hilary McKay, Binny Bewitched

It seems that there is a new neighbour on the opposite side to Binny’s friend’s Gareth’s house, who might just be a witch. She seems to know all about the money Binny ‘found’ by the cash machine.

When you are counting the pennies in your daily life, unexpected ‘piles’ of money will appear to be just the solution. If your mother has an impending birthday, for instance.

Poor Binny spends the entire book in a state of confusion; what to do with the money, who to tell, how to remember where she hid it, and so on. She keeps seeing stuff. Not where the money is, but many other puzzling things. It’s got to be the witch’s doing.

There are bills to pay, now that Pete the builder has more or less finished putting the house together after the roof blew off in book two. Clem is worried and James has a new, weird, friend, and Mrs Cornwallis works all hours to earn enough money.

It’s hard to see how a story about – relative – poverty can be so heartwarming, but it is. Naturally. Very satisfying that I didn’t see the end coming. Well, some of it, and then only halfway through. Loved it!


2 responses to “Binny Bewitched

  1. Thank you so much, dear Witch! I have been thinking of you this last week because I discovered a wonderful new author and I thought I bet that Bookwitch has known of her for years. I must look up her thoughts. Tove Jansson. Not the Moomins, which I have yet to find, but her adult books. Wonderful!

  2. You bet wrong! I’m one of the few people who haven’t read the adult Tove. I suppose I must? (If so, when?)

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