This dystopian time travel story by Mike Revell is primarily about grief and the loss of someone near to you. And as with all time travel, the reader’s mind reels, trying to work out what’s possible and how things might happen to make things all right and normal again.

Owen is in Y7 in a Cambridge school, and he and his dad are doing their utmost to cope with the loss of Owen’s mum a year earlier. Or, Owen is. His children’s author dad seems to have given up. Eventually Owen persuades him to go to counselling, and his dad comes back keen to give writing a go again.

And that’s when Owen finds himself in a future Cambridge that bears little resemblance to today’s. His name is Jack, and he is a Stormwalker. The world as we know it has been destroyed and Jack and his friends have to work hard for survival, and to resist something called the Darkness.

Mike Revell, Stormwalker

After a while Owen works out that his odd situation has something to do with his dad’s writing, but how to help his dad, while also making sure things are all right in this scary future?

Apart from the fact that this obviously couldn’t happen for real (I hope, anyway), it’s exciting, and you want to know how Owen/Jack can be two boys in one. And you want to know how this future Cambridge can have a bit of hope, especially if Owen is to return to his normal life and help his dad get over the death of his wife.

(How the dad can survive financially for a year without having a job and not writing any books, is another mystery…)


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