Sorry about the acronyms, but they are awfully useful on occasion.

I frequently suffer from FOMO, fear of missing out. It’s a very human thing to be gripped by and it’s very human to find it virtually impossible to let go of. I try, and I succeed, only to be caught out again, full of worries about what goes on behind my back.

Well, not really behind my back, of course, as there is ‘nothing’ stopping me from attending YALC, the Young Adult Literature Convention, in London this weekend. I’ve not been, and right now it fels as if everyone’s going. The first year I couldn’t decide whether I was more put out by how many authors were going, just to be in the audience, listening to their peers doing events, rather than me missing the events.

Which is idiotic.

I tell myself one ‘festival’ is much the same as all the rest, and it’s enough to catch favourite authors somewhere, every now and again. It doesn’t have to be – can’t possibly be – every time in every place. What you don’t see you won’t miss.

I have this thing coming up soon, somewhere near me. What’s it called again? Oh yes, it’s the Edinburgh International Book Festival. I’ll go to that, and let someone else suffer the pangs of FOMO. After Edinburgh, there will be something else I can’t attend. And that’s all right.

After all, it’s mostly the same authors going round saying mostly the same thing about their same books, over and over. Isn’t it?

Except you never know when some event will be really special and you’ll miss out on…



5 responses to “YALC FOMO

  1. How I know this feeling, especially when events are in London or Edinburgh or anywhere far away! Perversely, sometimes there are events on, or almost, on my Yorkshire doorstep that I hardly notice – but I think that’s just me, or the human condition? However, I’d agree that there’s something special about being with people who are enthusiastic about what you love, and that spirit of sharing creates a contented gathering. (Ah, FOMO. Must remember that – if only to fight against it..)

  2. Yes, you’ve just had Theakston’s professional murderers near you. I trust you spent every day there, listening to it all, and rubbing shoulders with the lot of them?

  3. Kathryn Evans

    It would have been lovely to see you but maybe I’ll see you in Edinburgh? xxx

  4. I’ve bought the tickets…

  5. Ah, FOMO – I had that earlier today about Edinburgh!

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