How to do what I do

How To Be a Blogger and Vlogger In 10 Easy Lessons. Sounds nice and simple, doesn’t it?

Shane Birley has written a book for young people on how to take up blogging and vlogging, and it is really very useful. First, because I have ascertained that I am doing things right. Always a relief. Second, because I think it’s good to encourage young teens to do something like this.

Maybe they don’t need it. The idea of doing it, I mean. But once you do have the thought that you might try blogging, it’s good to have a go-to guide.

Shane Birley, How To Be a Blogger and Vlogger In 10 Easy Lessons

Shane does it step by step, with lots of fun illustrations to bring the message home. If I wasn’t already a convert, I would be after reading this book. Most of what he says I have worked out on my own, by doing, and it’s good that he mentions all these tips, because it’s far too easy to think you should be all proper and boring.

You’re meant to have fun, and to write what you’d like to read yourself, and if it stops being fun you should consider a break, and so on. There is online etiquette and safety, and for the youngest wannabe bloggers the suggestion that you share with your parents, and get their OK.

Warnings not to steal other people’s words or pictures might seem obvious, but it has to be mentioned.

This is tremendously inspiring! I almost feel like starting a blog.


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  1. That was you?
    (Who are you calling dummie?)

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