Get Coding!

‘That’s quite advanced!’ said the Resident IT Consultant, pointing at my ‘picture book’ shelf. By that I mean picture sized books, more than that they are for toddlers. Although, I wouldn’t be surprised if toddlers will ‘get’ coding quicker than me, because I don’t really get it.

To be honest, I didn’t know if young people needed to be taught coding through books, or if they are born knowing this kind of thing these days.

The Resident IT Consultant did stuff like that at university, and possibly before, when he would have been a normal school geek. I don’t know. At the time I was so far removed from computers that I knew nothing.

Now I know a little, by which I mean I gather that Daughter codes her work. It must mean she is very clever, because I don’t get it. Apparently Python is good, but I’d rather not think about it.

Get Coding!

In this book, Get Coding!, readers learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and they are instructed on how to build websites and apps and games. I still find it hard to grasp what an app actually is, but I do get close up with a little HTML when I insert pictures into my blog posts, but that’s quite enough for me. I don’t understand that either.

This review is the kind I normally frown on, as I’ve not really read the book. There would be no point. Not because it’s not good. I’m sure it’s excellent, which is why I’m sitting here pretending I know about some computery things. But because I wouldn’t get it. If I was twenty years younger, I just might sit down and see if it would get me somewhere interesting, but I’ll stick with my old-fashioned skills of baking and talking to houseplants.

I like the pictures.


2 responses to “Get Coding!

  1. Young Rewired State sounds like a place which it might be hard for me to get a visa for at this point.

  2. Yes. I simply feel inadequate.

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