Digital slices

After the proverbial sliced bread, I reckon you ought to praise digital cameras.

I know. They have been around for so long now that hardly anyone can recall what went before them. I was a late believer, saying I’d never go for this ridiculous digital stuff. I wanted paper pictures in real albums.


But. I began thinking the other week, as I snapped picture after picture of authors and books and stuff at Charlotte Square, most of them blurry and unusable. The thing is, I could. Snap, snap, snap, with no expensive prints to pay for when all you get is twelve blurred images of the back of someone’s head.

It does take time and effort to prune ten excellent photos of someone you like a lot, in order to keep maybe three. Because you don’t need dozens of identical pictures, however good. But since it didn’t cost anything, you could take all those spares and not worry about the consequences.

I know that should most of my pictures be really bad, I can generally still salvage something from one or two, chopping and cutting, getting rid of unfortunate wavy hands or unsightly dustbins as required.

Digital really helps a witch blog.

Secret Agent Mummy


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