Spellchasers – The Beginner’s Guide to Curses

From the moment he noticed it on my to-read shelf, the Resident IT Consultant was enthralled by Lari Don’s new book, The Beginner’s Guide to Curses. I hadn’t taken him for someone with a particular interest in curses, although I suppose knowing me he felt it might come in useful. And when he grabbed it before me on our recent ‘holiday’ I wasn’t surprised, but told him to get on with it so I could have my turn.

11-year-old Molly is visiting her great-aunt when she finds herself dumped on a week’s curse-lifting workshop on a farm. She’s put out because she’s not cursed. Not at all. She merely turns into a hare every now and then.

The other children on the course are annoyed by her, as they are all keen to have their curses removed, and eventually Molly faces up to what she has become.

This is a fun story about how you face adversity and you learn the importance of working together for a shared goal. I certainly learned a few new facts about being a witch (not that I couldn’t have worked it out on my own, obviously), and how it doesn’t hurt to be polite.

Can the kelpie boy be un-kelpied? And how about the others? Is the toad actually one of them, or merely a toad who strayed onto the farm?

Very nicely entertaining tale about curses, and about unselfish behaviour. Or selfish behaviour, if you wish.

I’m expecting more books, as there is plenty more magic to be sorted out. Wyrms, crows and sphinxes are all good for spells and curses. And the witch.., well I have high hopes for her.

A trilogy sounds about right.


One response to “Spellchasers – The Beginner’s Guide to Curses

  1. Lari launched her book last night in Edinburgh, cauldron and everything. I was going to be there. ScotRail thought differently, and will do so for a further six months!
    But I gather it was good, even without my expertise.

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