Miraculous Miranda

What a lovely book! Siobhán Parkinson’s Miraculous Miranda is a feelgood and funny novel about young Miranda, her family and friends. Miranda is an intelligent girl who works hard and she is often the winner of Word of the Day at school. She adores new words.

Siobhán Parkinson, Miraculous Miranda

She has a best friend, COR, and there is a difficult boy, Darren, who needs sorting out. Miranda also has an older sister, Gemma, who at first is described as your typical older sibling, with attitude. But we slowly discover that Gemma is ill. Very ill, in fact. Except Miranda appears not to know, and she is mostly annoyed when yet another hospital stay means her crazy Gran has to look after her.

So as we follow Miranda’s daily struggle to win Word of the Day; in reality her family is falling apart with worry over Gemma. She has heard about other ill children, who despite trips to Disney, still died. The reader can probably work out that death is not unlikely.

But this is a children’s book, and the title suggests a miracle might happen, so maybe not? Well, it’s a bit of both, and it’s tremendously well done.

And Darren is actually pretty adorable. (I reckon we’ve all known someone like him at school.)


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