Not a puppy, but…

If it is good news you won’t be here reading much today. And if it is bad news, no puppy in the world will make it better.

King of Winter

This is no puppy, but a more mature dog, whose acquaintance I made through this blog. And that is good news. Well, not news, as I’ve been bookwitching for some time now, and this photo is not exactly recent. But I return to it every now and then, just to reassure myself of what good things come from blogging, and how there are so many lovely people in this world. And dogs.

That is worth remembering.

So, hopefully see you here tomorrow?


4 responses to “Not a puppy, but…

  1. Oh Bookwitch, it’s looking grim.

  2. Yes.
    I’m looking for more puppies.

  3. Comfort, friendhsip and security are worth seeing today. Thanks.

  4. And I’m glad you are here. Was afraid everyone would be in bed crying.

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