Street Children

This book of Real Stories from Street Children Across the World has been sitting here patiently, waiting for the right day to come out. A bit like the children in the book, who hope for a better life, by which they mean something more resembling yours or mine; not some fantasy life.

Well, today we need you. This collection of interviews with – as the title says – real children living on streets, either alone, or in some cases with their families, clearly shows what’s wrong with the world.

Anthony Robinson and June Allan, Street Children

They are so ordinary. Not especially delinquent, or stupid, or even necessarily poor [to begin with]. There is just some event, a catalyst, to put these people on the streets, and often for young children it seems to have to do with changes within the family, and they are either made to leave home, or they choose to.

And all they hope for is to return home to granny, and to go to school, and to have a job when they grow up. Those goals seem like heaven to them.

The photos, and the illustrations by June Allan, show these children to be black African, or Latin American Native Indians. But the stories could just as easily have been about white children. Misfortune can strike anyone.

It’s a book that will make you think.


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