The Sticky Witch

Ah, I had rather hoped for a nicer witch. Oh well, can’t be helped.

Hilary McKay, The Sticky Witch

Hilary McKay’s The Sticky Witch, for Barrington Stoke, features a useless couple of parents who set off on a three year trip round the world on a raft made with rubbish. As if that’s not bad enough, they hand their two lovely children – and the cat – over to a woman they don’t know. Called Aunt Tab, she’s no one’s aunt, and she’s a witch. And she’s mean.

Not to mention sticky. There is treacle everywhere. She has rules. She doesn’t like the children, and she likes the cat even less. With good cause, I have to say. The cat, I mean.

There’s a frog or two. Postcards in bottles. It’s pretty bonkers, but should appeal to any young child who doesn’t already suspect their parents might be of the leaving on a raft variety.

Fun, if somewhat sticky.

(Stickily witchy illustrations by Mike Phillips.)


2 responses to “The Sticky Witch

  1. Thank you so much for this review. She is indeed a horrible witch, and I cannot even claim her for my own. My father invented her when my sister and I were very small, and terrified and delighted us with Sticky Witch stories night after night, until she was banned from the house by my mother. She left me with a lifelong loathing of stickiness. Mr Trump always looks sticky to me, as if the varnish had not quite dried. (Just a topical aside.)

  2. Quite. I don’t like sticky, either. Or him.

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