In the bleak midwinter

Had hoped for more sun yesterday. We were visited by Once New Librarian and Pizzabella. They looked round the castle. Not mine; Stirling Castle. Though I suppose if it’s grey it’s more atmospheric among all those old – royal – ghosts.

I had made my best burnt macaroni cheese, and as a special treat for Pizzabella there was dry [but cooked] pasta with slices of cucumber. Each to their own, I say. The ice cream was turned down because it’s winter. What’s wrong with people? It’s why central heating was invented, so you can pretend it’s warmer than it is.

Christmas tree

Luckily we had some odd – and as it turned out, very tasty – melon bought by the Resident IT Consultant.

After dinner the others headed out to tour a distillery. I sacrificed myself, as there wasn’t room in the car, staying at home, nibbling on cucumber and blueberries as I stacked the dishwasher. They go surprisingly well together. And I pondered the weirdness of all these [former] babies now taking an interest in whisky, and doing it legally.

And because I needed to relax, I put aside all other chores and sat by the Christmas tree and finished the book I had been reading. You really can’t beat a good book if you want to feel better.


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