Feeling down

I feel sad sometimes. I’ve never really known where the boundary between sad and depressed is. It could be as with pain; one person’s ‘I can cope with it’ could easily be someone else’s ‘I can’t bear this!’ and if you are only one person, how can you compare?

I didn’t know Debi Gliori suffered from depression, or at least, not to what extent. As from this week she is writing about it on her new blog, and having read what Debi has to say, I can safely say that I am not depressed.

Sharing bad stuff is good on many counts, and I’m hoping that writing about this will in some way make Debi feel better too. But it will be useful for other sufferers, who will see they are not alone, and can compare notes on how the depression presents itself. And it ought to be informative for friends and family of those who are depressed, because not everyone can express themselves so well, or so openly.

So while pulling yourself together is all very well, let’s agree that it is awfully hard to do. Sometimes impossible, and it’s not for want of trying.


6 responses to “Feeling down

  1. I think I have the depressive bit in my genes, but though I am not really in it, I am close enough to it to sympathize mightily.

  2. Kathryn Evans

    Yes, I always think that no one would choose to be depressed or anxious – so unhelpful to think they can snap out of it – they would if they could, who wouldn’t?

  3. Thanks for spreading the word about Debi’s book, Bookwitch, as I may not have heard of it otherwise – and sorry for your sad & anxious times.

  4. There will be a review of the book tomorrow. I just wanted to point readers in the direction of the – much wordier – blog posts.

  5. I agree wholeheartedly Debi’s recent posts have been amazing, whether or not one has experienced depression. Will look out for your review.

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