Let’s be honest. I receive a lot of books, and even if I did like the look of them all, I couldn’t physically fit in reading every book that arrives. As I’ve said before, often I don’t read books I actively like the look of. Let alone the others.

The new year brought many picture books. I can’t recall whether every January is like that, but this year the postman was truly bending low under the weight of jolly picture books. Even non-jolly ones, if there were any like that.

I will read some and others not. Nothing unusual about that. But I was startled to realise that I felt guilty over rejecting picture books. True, I could more easily read all or most of them as they don’t take much time. But I still won’t.

Because I didn’t like all of them. And that made me feel bad. How can a witch not like large and colourful pictures, full of fun and worthy messages and loveable characters?

So, I’m doing guilt, in the hopes that this might absolve me somehow. A Bookwitch confession.

There are others out there who will love them. My task is to propel them in the right direction.


4 responses to “Guilt

  1. It must be a dilemma! What to read and what not to read? I love picture books and scout around endlessly in charity shops to pick them up for our illustration club and and our local playgroup. Yesterday I called in at a local library and came away with 27 books (half picture books, the rest YA fiction and Barrington Stoke titles) This huge windfall cost me £2.70, Some of the books were in pristine condition so our school library, playgroup and illustration club have ‘new’ books. Some of the titles were favourite titles of mine, but in there were a few a didn’t know. Also as I read to the playgroup weekly, it is interesting how they perceive the books I read, some they love others they fidget, and they don’t relate to and you never know how this will pan out. Have a lovely rest of your weekend. 🙂

  2. I imagine that how someone reads might matter. And I suspect that even at a young age there will be picture styles we won’t like or that we love, for no particular reason. Offspring liked and disliked things that sometimes surprised me.

  3. I’m sure you could donate them?
    I am a pre-kindergarten teacher and I know I love when we get books donated. Do you have any schools in close to you?

  4. Oh and don’t feel guilty. Everyone has books they like and don’t like so they don’t read them. 🙂

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