Asterix, A Whole World to Colour In. This colouring-in craze seems to continue. I have in my hand – hands, actually, as it’s a large book – an Asterix colouring book.

Even for someone not used to reading Asterix, it is pretty tempting. A whole, enormous, volume in black and white to put my own choice of colours into! I’m wondering how they made it? Did someone sit there pulling all the colour out of the pages?

It says where each picture is from and when. Mostly older stuff, which could indicate they might make more books. I don’t know.

And I wonder who this is for? Children? I suspect adults.

Anyway, it’s out this week, so if you’re feeling colourful..?



One response to “Asterix

  1. Oh oh, I will actually see if I can get one this because coloring is pretty relaxing

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