I have started offering the Resident IT Consultant to other women. Well, woman, so far. There is no point in talking about him, if someone in need of IT help can’t benefit, I feel.

Because I know that I’d not have got this far had I not been supported at the right time in my online career. I’ve asked many stupid questions. I’ve shouted for help, whether or not it’s been convenient. For him. For me help is nearly always convenient.

I even said he’d do housecalls, but apparently that was one step too far [for the recipient]. So this week we were visited by one of ‘my’ lovely authors, and he talked her through what needed to be done.

This might sound dreadfully worthy, but from our point of view it meant we had an interesting visitor, and it brightened up our afternoon, and all that. Good conversation, and removing the need to stare at each other over our lonely mugs of tea.

Please form an orderly queue!


2 responses to “IT-boy

  1. You are so funny! He IS a very lovely IT boy, and so willing to be loaned out to other women. However, he was in safe hands with Flora McL; as was she with him. I am so very grateful to both of you for such a delightful afternoon, and for all the redecorating and furniture moving and hanging of new curtains in the improved blog. Now all I have to do is, er, write some content…

  2. Sigh. So much for discretion…

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