I thought it’d be obvious.

After getting in touch with someone from the past, one of the things I mentioned was what I do; the reading and the blogging and all that. So I was somewhat taken aback by the follow-up question which was ‘and what do you read yourself?’

I thought I’d just said. Children’s books, and a little crime. Anything else that seems interesting. Clearly, reading out of my age group indicates that it is not for enjoyment. But if it wasn’t, I’d only be spouting opinions in an intellectual abstract sort of way, as though I could see this must be a suitable book for children.

Whereas I want to feel with all my being. Now, not all books can do that for me, but when they can…

How could I spend my days in the company of dragons, only to relax with a bit of Sartre in the evenings?

I am not a grown-up! I am still only considering learning to drink coffee, for goodness’ sake.


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