Out of order

If they’re not careful, old SJ will soon have trains that are no better than those of their competitors’. During yesterday’s travels on two trains, out and back, they had ‘unserviceable’ toilets, and it is always the one nearest to me. But then, with trains going so fast that soon they will arrive at their destination before they have left, you won’t really need an on-board comfort stop.

We went to Lund, the Resident IT Consultant and I. It is so gratifying being wanted, even if people are only polite. (Also intelligent, literate, literary and generally pleasant.) And on the plus side, I will never have to cook them a meal ever again; I couldn’t possibly come up with anything that professional, so might as well throw in the towel.

Speaking of which, since Swedes start off  any visit by giving you a guided tour of their home, I now know that our hosts have some nifty towel rails. (Just thought I’d mention that.) That’s in what is a very nice house. There was a tour of the garden too, and I kept seeing rhubarb. On my second go, luckily it was rhubarb.

We met young Master Happy and his parents for the first time. Master Happy knows what he wants. He wants cake. And he was so right in wanting that particular cake, and it was worth his ‘suffering’ through some normal food first to be allowed some.

I was sent home with a new book. It has words such as Attosecond in its title. (I don’t even know what that means.) Thank goodness it wasn’t for me! All I did was offload a few books for Master Happy.

There was barely time to read on those trains, but I did finish one novel, which ended rather similarly to the one I reviewed earlier this week, with a chopped off Queen’s head. Must be all the rage, I suppose. I then began another, the second in a series, where some Bookwitch raves about the first instalment. I should probably believe her when she claims that she ‘loved it!’


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