Here are two lovely little picture books with Easter vibes. The covers are certainly lovely and spring-like. And there are bunnies.

And, erm, a fox.

Ellie Sandall, Everybunny Dance!

Ellie Sandall sends her little bunnies out into a clearing in the woods in Everybunny Dance! and they decide to make the most of being alone and unwatched. They will dance, and sing. So they dance, and sing. And then they discover the fox watching them, and…

Oh help.

But are all foxes bad? What if this one is lonely and needing friends?

Smriti Prasadam-Halls and Alison Friend, My Hand to Hold

In Smriti Prasadam-Halls’ story My Hand to Hold, with illustrations by Alison Friend, we meet a young bunny and his or her adult; probably a parent. The mother – or is it the father? – keeps saying how they will always love the little bunny, through mud and shouting and all kinds of weather. In short, they will always love them and offer a Hand To Hold.

Both books show us that we all need someone. Mostly we need a bunny, or several. And sunny meadows with flowers are never wrong.


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