Rasputin is coming

Yesterday Theresa Breslin had a cover reveal on Twitter for her new novel, The Rasputin Dagger which will be published in August. It is so popular these days to tease readers with what they can’t yet buy.

Theresa Breslin, The Rasputin Dagger

And it works. I suddenly feel a lot keener than I would have thought [that’s the Rasputin effect]. I always like reading Theresa’s books.

The thing is, we’ve long had a Soviet Union image of Russia, and pre-revolution books are not all that common. For someone my age, it’s also weird to think that it’s already 100 years ago. It appeared to be reasonably recent when I was at school. It’s all about perspective. Two of my aunts were around in 1917.

And as a general thought, it’s amazing how many historical moments will pop up and make for great anniversary book topics (and how old that makes me feel, when it was only ‘yesterday’). I must learn to look ahead to what might follow Rasputin. Meanwhile I need to get that 1970s pop song out of my head.

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